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Upgrading to Fibre?

Are you looking at upgrading to Fibre Broadband?

Here at FibreReady, we understand what the requirements are for a Fibre Installation and we know what the Chorus Standard Install involves. We can work with you to put a plan together to avoid any surface wiring and prepare your home for the install before you order.

Our skilled team will work with you to find a solution that best suits your needs.


Are you renovating and thinking about where your fibre service should run to? ‚Äč

Talk to us and we can provide the service you require and take away the risk before the plaster board goes up.

Our professional team can take away that renovating stress and put all your fibre questions to rest.


Whether you are building your Dream Home or a developer, now is the best time to future proof your home or investments for Fibre.

We can answer all those unknown questions for Ultra Fast Broadband (UFB) or Next Generation Access connections that your RSP’s can’t.

Our trusted team will work close with you for all your fibre needs to help you build your dream home.


What We Provide

  • Confirm the type of network your house is connecting to
  • Confirm the work required from the boundary to the house
  • Walk through the best fibre route for the internal wiring
  • Walk through with you the experience you will receive from the Chorus technician
  • If you’re a developer or builder we can take the frustration away from all the calls back to Chorus
Preparing the externals
  • As part of the free “basic Install” Chorus might surface mount cable to your fence, we can change that
  • We will provide the best route without any visible impact
  • We can install any of the required ducting between the boundary and house where required
  • Install the Fibre termination point on the house ready for the Chorus technician

Whichever you prefer, we’re available

Areas of coverge
We cover all your fibre needs in the Hawkes Bay and Manawutu areas

  • Palmerston North

  • Feilding

  • Hastings

  • Napier

  • Havelock North

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